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Saleable Products and Other Applications for the Process

Using the new physical and separation process, Brough has already looked at producing saleable products for the powder metallurgy industry, which have been mainly granular. ‘Initially there was a lot of trial and error,’ explains Brough, looking back to the start of the project. ‘For every one product that we were able to successfully market, there were probably a hundred applications that we failed on.’ However, The process could also be applied to recycling other nonferrous metals, including zinc and copper.

Interest in the Technology

There has already been widespread international interest in the process, I believe the innovations that have occurred have ensured the longevity and continuity of the company.’

Further Developments

As Brough points out, the aluminium industry must remain open-minded to change and continue to innovate itself, otherwise increased pressures on the industry will cause further closures.